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Vauxhall P1325 P039D Diagnostic

Subject Vauxhall insignia A20TH

Workshop story of the week.

This week we had a very desperate customer,  his car had a fault that had been diagnoised at so many garages, he had spent close to a thousand pound in parts and his vehicle was still not working properly, he was very close to trading it in.
This would have left him well out of pocket and the vehicle eventually someone else's headache - sound familiar?

We get many car issues, but usually I am first port of call for them. The difference with this customer is that his confidence in garages has really been knocked and he has definitely had enough of paying out and not getting results. But unfortunately I cant work for free... so after careful consideration and a long chat with the customer, we come to agreement for him to pay me to have a look, and the journey started.

The fault codes present are P1325 followed by P039C P03A6,  Crank sensor and glow plugs cylinder malfunction, all the parts had been replaced but fault still present.

Part of the test is to scope what the crank sensor is doing and clearly the signal was correct, just with this test there was no need to change the crank sensor, electrical test for wire shortage corrosion etc and all four glow plugs showed a equal compression value between 450 550 psi so yes the codes are present but the system still works. Conventional testing was inconclusive.

Data is so important if you do not have the correct data for what you are working on well you might as well just guess and we can clearly see what happened there. Logging on to GM info tech as we have access to this through our accounts. Firstly we did a check for any Vauxhall trouble shooting for he fault codes and it was pretty much what I had already done. secondly I checked for any know recalls using the sps function, AND BOOM there it was Technical service bulletin.

This system has C2 technology and the cause of this fault is soot build up and clogging the pressure sensor that are also the glow plugs. This was first released in 2102 and a re flash of the engine ECU was needed.

So using our pass thru capability we carried out a engine ECU reprogram, followed the instructions to complete the repair, a hard road test and just to confirm we even took the customer out on test.

If you think a professional is expensive try hiring an amateur.. love that quote.
And guess what? We now have another satisfied customer, hopefully a customer for life and we have put some faith back in independent garages - WINNING!


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