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5 Signs my Car needs a Service

5 Signs my Car needs a Service

It can be very frustrating and costly when you run into car problems, especially if you use your car on a daily basis. Ensuring that your car is maintained properly is essential. Car manufacturers recommend having your car serviced at least once a year. If you’re aware of what signs to look out for, this will help avoid a massive bill or getting stuck at the side of the road.

1. Warning light has appeared

These should be your first sign if there is a problem. Take your car to RG motors in Grimsby for a diagnostic check as soon as possible if a “check engine” light appears on your dashboard. Don’t panic, there are many reasons why the light has appeared. A simple diagnostic check is essential to finding the problem.
In some cases, your car will notify you when your service is due by displaying a service light – usually in the shape of a spanner. You shouldn’t become worried by this light but instead book a service online at RG motors. Try not to ignore it for too long!

2. Unexplained noises while driving

Usually, there is trouble behind any strange and new sounds that is coming from your car. RG motors recommend that you bring your car in to be checked before they develop into more serious and costly problems. Squealing could be due to worn or loose belts. Flat or unbalanced tyres will lead to your wheels making noises. If you hear squeals while turning, this could mean low power steering fluid. Grinding and squealing noises when slowing down would certainly suggest that your brakes need checking out.

3. Smoke or steam coming from under the bonnet

Even a few wisps of smoke could suggest that there’s an overheating problem caused by the radiator. If this goes ignored, this could result in damage to your engine. Getting this checked out as soon as possible is very important. Keep an eye on your car’s temperature gauge, if it’s at maximum, pull over and wait for your car to cool before continuing. The needle should be in the middle of the gauge when your car is running.
Blue smoke is an indication of a serious issue caused by burning oil. If you notice this, you must pull over where it’s safe and don’t drive any further. This could be a very costly problem if it’s left unfixed.

4. Vibrating or pulling under braking

While driving or breaking, your car may shift to one side. This may be due to improperly aligned wheels, worn brake discs or pads, a suspension problem or an issue with your steering. These aren’t just an annoyance, but it’s also not safe to drive like this. Make sure that you get your car serviced at RG motors as soon as possible.

5. Reduced ride comfort.

Are speed bumps becoming a problem? Does your car ride low or can you hear your tyres scraping on the wheel arch of your car? This suggests that you should get your car checked out soon. These issues may be due to a problem with your car’s suspension.
These are only a few suggestions on what signs to look out for. To ensure that your car is kept in tiptop condition, you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and get it serviced often.


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