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Preventative maintenance

Morning drivers

Today's Blog is educating car owners on software updates and why it can be detrimental to your vehicles up keep.Just like your smart phone, or computer your car has advanced capabilities,
 Picture the scene your favorite gadget or app has started to become very slow and glitch,
you get an update on the latest software and hay presto your app is back on form and your loving it.
same thing with your car but unlike your phone updates are only carried when the car is the garage and plugged into a computer, yes manufactures are working on cloud based updates so this can be happening any time with out you even knowing it, but until then please
Happy driving Ryan


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10% off servicing

If you own a a BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover or VW group (Skoda, Seat, Audi) car on a 14 plate or newer you can recieve 10% off your service with us between now and the end of August. Quote: FACEBOOK

Because we are against paying premium prices for main dealer services which you can get elsewhere.

Does it effect my warranty?
No because we are an authorised garage for these car models which means we can access the same information as the main dealers and at a much more reasonable price.

Vauxhall P1325 P039D Diagnostic

Subject Vauxhall insignia A20TH

Workshop story of the week.

This week we had a very desperate customer,  his car had a fault that had been diagnoised at so many garages, he had spent close to a thousand pound in parts and his vehicle was still not working properly, he was very close to trading it in.
This would have left him well out of pocket and the vehicle eventually someone else's headache - sound familiar?

We get many car issues, but usually I am first port of call for them. The difference with this customer is that his confidence in garages has really been knocked and he has definitely had enough of paying out and not getting results. But unfortunately I cant work for free... so after careful consideration and a long chat with the customer, we come to agreement for him to pay me to have a look, and the journey started.

The fault codes present are P1325 followed by P039C P03A6,  Crank sensor and glow plugs cylinder malfunction, all the parts had been replaced but fault still prese…

Mission statement

Hello everyone...

My name is Ryan Ginifer business owner, mechanic and my forte is diagnostics.. 

Here at RG Motor Services we do the normal run of repairs such as MOT and servicing etc,but diagnosis is my own burden to bare, and is only made possible through investment in training and equipment. This is my first, and soon to be first of many blogs. I will be documenting case studies and detailed repairs, so wish me luck and please comment.