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Depresion and anxiety in the workplace

Hi Guys,

Ryan here, it is 40 degrees I am laying on my sun lounger, not a thing to stress or worry about beside the kids attempting to kill each other in the pool. But every now and then something will remind me of work and the strangest thought's pop in my head like 'did I get that part right', 'did I inform any one of certain tasks', and so on and so on. Is this my curse, so I thought, but while catching up on some reading I stumbled across a conversations on one of the motor forum I visit. I read about another fellow garage owner mechanic and how he gets down about the constant effort of having to make sure diagnosis is right, keeping customers informed and at times it gets him to the point of depression. 

Reading through his descriptions  I could not help but sympathize with him, as like many other people it was all to familiar. Depression maybe, anxiety most probably, when something beats me like a fault on car, acustomer'sexplanations, a new tool or infor…

Rise of the machine..

Will AI take over?

It has been a tech buzz phrase for the last couple of years, along with AI artificial intelligence robot cars...
Just like toy story when you go to sleep at night, a new world is alive. Cars talking to each other updating there systems and  adjusting there settings to suit there environment. 
Humans will be liberated from mundane tasks and concentrate on higher levels of work, what ever that may be. 
But what will it mean for mechanics? Perhaps there will be less jobs, we already rely on diagnostics machines to help us do our jobs, perhaps robots in the future will be changing tyres.
If your old enough to remember Kit in Knight rider where Michael would gain advantage from his super smart car against the bad guys, then only a fantasy, for an 80s child.  I, myself dreamed of having a Kit when I was young boy, and if that's the future watch out you villains.
Personally I just hope it teachers people to park better ..
Speak soon RG