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Main dealer v independent

“Do you have to have your car serviced by a dealership to keep your new car warranty?”  
There is considerable confusion among car owners about their servicing requirements, especially regarding what is required for them to maintain their new car warranty. We get asked this question a lot in our forum and in general conversation. It’s a bit surprising, because the law has been pretty clear on this for many years now.
We often here people say:  “I just bought a new BMWand the salesman told me I have to have it serviced by a BMW dealership to maintain the new car warranty.  Is this correct?  I have seen businesses claiming they can service my car without affecting the warranty.”
Assuming the above is an accurate portrayal of what was said, the BMW salesman has been very naughty here.  EU legislation requires all car manufacturers to offer at least a two-year unlimited mileage new car warranty on all their new cars (from date of registration), regardless of any change of ownership.  Every c…